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Feelfree Kayaks

3 Water Kayak: BIG FISH 105

3 Water Kayak: BIG FISH 105

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Big fish 105 designed for short term fishing. But highly effective Both the reclining seat can be adjusted to multiple heights and can also be flipped to the back. To increase the standing space for more fishing, the boat is wide, the boat is stable and the sonar pod can be attached to the fish finder. Wide space stern can put a lot of luggage. The bottom of the boat is Angler Tri Hull.


Rear beaver tail rudder,
removable front luggage box,
4-position cushion,
standing pad.
Rail for mounting accessories,
Molded in front handlebar,
built-in fishing rod barrel,
paddle harness,
rear luggage compartment With elastic strap


Length: 3.2 meters
Width: 0.85 meters
Boat weight: 40.3 kg.
Can hold: 172 kg.

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